I'd like to know if my local timezone is respected when I configure session end or KR hard deadline.For example, if I set my session to end on the first day of each month, I want to make sure that on the last day of the month, the session doesn't suddenly 'end' because of timezones difference.


Session time frames: Create a session

When a new session is created, it automatically inherits the time zone of the user who is creating it. For instance, if the user’s time zone is UTC+1, then the session’s time frame will be set in this time zone. This means that the account’s current time zone for this specific session is also UTC+1. Thus, the session’s deadline will be 23:59:59 UTC+1 for the specific end date that has been chosen. > Edit a session: when a current session is being edited, it automatically inherits the time zone of the user who is editing it. For instance, if the user edits the name of the session and his/her time zone is UTC+5:30. Along with the changes being made (in this case the change in the session’s name), the time zone will automatically change to UTC+5:30. Thus, the session’s deadline will be changed to 23:59:59 UTC+5:30 for the specific end date that has been chosen. 

Example:  User1 creates a Session. It automatically takes his time zone (i.e. UTC+1). The end date of the session is set to end at a specific day at 23:59:59 UTC+1.  User2 edits the Session. User2 is located at a different physical place and his time zone is UTC+5:30. As a result of the edits being made by User2, the session inherits the User2’s time zone and the end day time is also changed to 23:59:59 UTC+5:30. 

Session time frames vs account time zone settings

The session time zone and time frame are NOT related to the account time zone settings available from the “Reports and notifications” section. The later only applies for when the reports are being sent! 

OKR/Session time frame by default

If no other preferences are being specified when setting OKRs, they will automatically inherit the session’s time frame and time zone. In addition, if a user edits the session and if his time zone is different than the one in which the session has been originally set, both the session’s and the OKRs’ time zones will be changed. 

When setting or editing a Key Result hard deadline, it will automatically be set in the time zone of the user who’s setting/editing it. Thus, the hard deadline will be at the end of the specified day (23:59:59) in his time zone. 

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