When anyone is working on shared things—whether it's code, a document, or presentation—we want to know who made edits and what they edited. We may even want to revert to a previous version. The same goes for Insights. Here's how to know what's happened to your Insight and revert to an earlier version.

To see Insight revisions

  • Navigate to Insights > Insightboards
  • Click on Manage Insights
  • Search for the Insight you're interested in
  • Click on the ∨ next to the Insight and select View revisions from the menu
  • Alternatively, you can go to any Insightboard, edit an Insight, and click on View revisions in the top left of the window
  • When you click on View revisions, you should see something like this

To revert to a previous Insight version

  • Select a previous version you wish to revert to
  • Click on Revert to this version
  • Click on Execute to make sure your Insight looks the way you want
  • Be sure to click on Save and leave to save your changes

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