The calculation of the attainment of a parent key result is based on its initial and target values and the sum of the values of the child key results that contribute to the parent.

Each child key result contributes to the parent with its current value, not the percentage attainment.


You have a parent key result that cascades down into a child key result.

  • The parent key result has an initial value of 0 and a target value of 3.
  • When we cascade the parent to its child, you specify that the child key result will contribute with 2.
  • Cascading down the parent key result automatically create the child key result under the specified objective.
  • The child key result has initial value of 0 and target value of 2.

Each update to the child key result reflects the parent key result attainment in the following way:

  • If you update the child key result value to 1, its attainment is be 50%. The child key result contributes with 1 to the parent key result
  • Therefore, the parent key result attainment is 1/3 or 33.3%
  • If you update the child key result value to 4, its attainment will become 200%.
  • The child key result now contributes with 4 to the parent.
  • Therefore, the parent attainment become 4/3 or 133.3%

The same logic applies when you cascade the parent key result to more than one child key results.

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