Sometimes, as your company's OKR process evolves, you would need to change some settings to reflect your OKR framework, like date or cadence for example. In this case, an admin would need to edit the session.

Here is how to edit a session in a few easy steps:  

  1. From the OKRs drop-down menu click on Manage Sessions;
  2. Click on the symbol to the right of the name of the session you want to edit;
  3. Another menu will open, click on the Edit option; 
  4. From here you will be able to edit the Title, Timeframe, Status, Color, Parent session, Cadence, Workflow, and Permissions;
  5.  Once you have made your changes click on Save Session to save your changes.

ℹ️ Edits to sessions may only be made by administrators of the company's Gtmhub environment and changes should be carefully made as sessions usually hold many objectives for the company.

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