Each organization is unique. You can use custom fields to adapt your Gtmhub account to suit your OKRs process needs, map certain attributes to get more granular reporting, or fine-tune Robotic Process Automation (RPA) conditions.


To define custom fields, you must have permissions for managing the configuration of Gtmhub.

Supported types

In Gtmhub, you can define custom fields for the following:

  • Objectives

  • Key results

  • Key result updates

  • Teams

  • Users

Types of custom fields

There are the following types of custom fields you can create:

  • Text field
    A single line of text appropriate for short text entries

  • Text area
    A multi-line text field appropriate for longer text entries

  • Checkbox
    A checkbox appropriate for true or false values

  • Drop-down menu
    A single option drop-down menu appropriate for a one-choice option

  • Multi-select list
    A multiple checkbox list appropriate for multiple choice options

  • One option list
    A single option radio button, similar to the dropdown menu but more appropriate when there are fewer choices,

  • Date picker
    A single date value appropriate for selecting dates such as deadlines

  • User/Team selector
    A selector appropriate for selecting employees and teams from the Gtmhub account.

Define custom fields

To define a custom field and assign it to a type, perform the following:

  1. In the bottom of the navigation pane, click Settings.

  2. On the Configuration tab, click Custom fields.


  4. In Name input field, enter a name of the filed that will be used in the code.
    This name is used for development purposes only. It must start with a lowercase letter. It can contain only lowercase Latin letters, numbers, and underscore. It must be between 4 and 12 characters long.

  5. In UI Label, enter the name of the custom field that will appear in the UI.

  6. In Description, enter some informative text.
    This text will be displayed in the UI and will help the user to fill out the field.

  7. In UI Selector, select the type of the field.
    For more information, see Types of custom fields section above.

    If you have selected Drop-down menu, Multi-select list, or One option list, add the options, using the Add option button.

    If you have selected User/Team selector, first select whether One or Many options can be selected, then, select whether the options will be Employees, Teams, or Both.

  8. In Select target type, select where to add this custom field.
    Choose between: Objective, Key Result, Key Result Update, Team, Task, or User.

  9. Select whether the custom field is Required to fill out.

  10. Click Create custom field.


The custom field is added to the target type.
For example, next time you create an objective, the field will appear in the create form.

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