You can define custom fields with Gtmhub that go with Objectives, Key Results, Key Result updates, teams, and users. Each organization is unique. You can use custom fields to adapt your Gtmhub account to suit your OKRs process needs, map certain attributes to get more granular reporting, or fine-tune RPA automation conditions.

By default, Gtmhub will store info from the built-in fields. However, you can easily add more fields.

Ideas on how to use custom fields

Check out how you can customize your account using these fields for:

Types of custom fields

There are several types of custom fields you can add:

  • Text field - a single line of text appropriate for short text entries
  • Text area - a multi-line text field appropriate for longer text entries
  • Checkbox - a simple checkbox appropriate for true or false values¬†
  • Drop-down menu - a single option drop-down menu appropriate for a one-choice option (e.g. States)
  • Multi-select list - a multiple option list appropriate for multiple options choice
  • One option list - a single option list, similar to the drop-down menu but more appropriate when there're a few choices (e.g. gender)
  • Date picker - a single date value appropriate for selecting dates such as deadlines
  • Assignee selector - a selector of how many assignees and types of assignees that can be selected per Objective or Key Result

How to define custom fields

In order to define custom fields and add them to Objectives, Key Results, Key Result updates, teams, or users, you should have permissions for managing the configuration of Gtmhub. 

  1. Log in to Gtmhub
  2. Navigate to Setup (the gear in the top right corner) > Configuration
  3. From the menu, select Custom fields
  4. Click on the Add new custom field box
  5. Fill in the form as follows

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