Gtmhub enables you to save time and automate repetitive tasks. Since every customer setup is unique, Gtmhub makes it easy for extend the built-in types with custom fields. It comes naturally that you can use these custom field values in your automation logic as well. When you define your conditions you can use any custom field you have defined for your Objectives.

Use case

To demonstrate this functionality let's use the following scenario. 

  1. Our company has offices around the globe, and our teams are spread geographically. So, we could have a team objective, which is worked on by the Denver part of the team. 
  2. This Q we're asking people to classify their objectives as aspirational  or committed. 

To be transparent and promote my team's aspirations I want to have an automation in place, that notifies the Denver office when my team creates an aspirational objective, and it will be worked on by the part of the team that's physically there.

Here's a quick video demonstrating how it all works together:

Step-by step guide

To achieve the above I'll use custom fields and automation.

First I'm going to add two custom fields to the Objectives type.

  • I'll call the first one Location, make it a Drop-down menu and pre-define Sofia, Denver, Berlin, London as its choices.
  • The second one I'll call Objective type, use One option list , and have Committed and Aspirational as the possible choices.

Then I'll setup a new Automation.

  • The automation will be triggered by an event - Objective is created
  • I will define the first condition as  Location equals to Denver 
  • The second condition will be Goal type equals to Aspirational
  • And the third condition will be Assignee is Tech Support
  • Finally I'll have the automation send an email to the Denver office email alias with some bragging content:

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