Gtmhub enables you to build advanced insights on the data sources you integrate with. For advanced scenarios, where you must join data from multiple sources and tables, you can create Insights with SQL. For the majority of the cases, though, you can build your insights without a single line of code. Gtmhub enables you to query information from your data sources and build insights via a friendly UI.

How to build a codeless Insight

To build a codeless insight navigate to Insights > Insightboards > Manage Insights and select Try our new Codeless Insight.

After you add the title and the description click on Save and you will be able to see the following screen:

  1. Click on the first drop down menu to see which operations are available to use:

2. In the next field named search in entities you can specify an entity, from where you want to pull off data.
Click on the drop down menu:

3. Click on Select from the list to see all data sources which are connected to your Gtmhub account:

4. Select a data source to browse its entities and click on the desired one:

Another option is to type the data source name directly in the search field. Gtmhub will list the entities under that data source :

5. You can proceed with executing the insight. In our example we should get the total count of Jira Issues.

Add conditions to your logic

It's not necessary to specify a condition but once you select the entity you can narrow down your query results or apply additional filtering based ont he entity fields

  1. Click on the + sign and select the desired field:

2. Select the condition operator:

3. From the drop down menu select the value:

NOTE: You can mark more than one value

You can execute the operation to see the result matching our condition. 

Adding multiple conditions

If you want you can add a second condition. Click on + and proceed by specifying your condition logic:

NOTE: You can add unlimited conditions

Format the look of your insight

With the formatting options you can set the view of the insight how you like it. Here's a short demo video how to do that:

Once you are ready, you have to save your insight. Click on Save or Save and leave.

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