Gtmhub enables you to select among several plans to fit your specific business needs. Each plan comes with its a set of product features and integrations, support, security and availability. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly payments contract. For more details on the Gtmhub plans and subscriptions visit our Pricing page.

How to change your planĀ 

You select the desired Gtmhub plan upon starting a trial or purchasing a subscription. if at any point you decide you need a different plan you can switch to it from your Gtmhub account.

To change your plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Gtmhub account Settings (cogwheel icon in the top navigation)
  2. From the left-hand navigation select Choose a plan

3. To change your current plan click on the Upgrade now button under the desired new plan. To switch between monthly and yearly subscription use the tabs on the top of the screen

You can upgrade to a higher plan and switch from a monthly to an annual subscription at any time. You can downgrade from annual to monthly subscription and to a lower plan during your trial period.

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