Insightboards can be qualified as a repository for your insights and are initially a place where you can combine all your data in various ways. Insightboard's role is similar to that of a folder and is essential in keeping your data well-organized.

Insightboards offer the flexibility of choosing how to group insights by simply using proper naming convention.

For example, you can group insights by purpose (ex: Sales, Bugs, Marketing etc.), by data source (ex: Jira, Asana, Salesforce etc.), by team, project or even a combination of the above mentioned:

Having well-organized insightboards is the key to having smooth and easily navigated data in Gtmhub. However there's more to their mission than that.

Insightboards help you not only organize your insights, but also set specific access permissions and secure your data by keeping it private, if needed, or available only to limited group of users/roles/individuals. See how you can use the Title and permission setting to your benefit in the following articles:

Add tags to improve filtering and navigation the overall experience of managing your data and insights.

Learn how to use shortcuts in insightboards to save time and be more productive.

Find out how to set custom filters on insightboard level by creating insightboard parameters to structure your data and extract the exact information you need from a report.

Export any data from an insightboard in a PDF file.

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