Gtmhub provides ready Insights for the most popular systems, and enables you to build your own insights over the data you connect with. Your insights measure the state of your business and as such it's crucial that the data powering them is always accurate.
By default, an insight calculates its results in real time. These calculations are based on your insight logic and are performed over the latest data syncronized form your data sources. Depending on your data source configuration this sync might range from an automated hourly sync to a manual trigger. But when you look at an insight, can you tell how old its data is?

Sync your data from an insight

To ensure uncompromised quality of the data you are working with, Gtmhub makes the data source information accessible directly from the Insight. You can see which data sources your insight is using and trigger an on-demand sync. Follow these steps:

  1. In your Gtmhub account, navigate to your insight
  2. Locate the sync button on top of the insight

3. Click the button to trigger a manual sync of the data source your insight is using

If your insight is using more than one data source, Gtmhub enables you to select which one to sync, or sync all of them at the same time:

NOTE: Triggering an on-demand sync from an insight does not affect the predefined data source sync schedule. If you configured your insight to sync hourly this schedule will remain.

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