Automation is taking a significant place in our everyday life. Automating a process to save time and stay informed about critical business objectives is a certain way to earn a competitive advantage.

It's critical for managers and senior leadership to be kept in the loop about changes in their company OKRs. Learn how Gtmhub can automatically keep you in the loop when an objective's progress performs (or doesn't) in a certain way.

Create the trigger

You can use changes in the objective's progress to trigger your automation flow following these steps:

  1. Create a new automation in Gtmhub
  2. On the Create new trigger step, select It will be triggered by an event in the When do you want to run this automation dropdown. This way you instruct Gtmhub that your automation will run when something happens
  3. Select progress changed from the Trigger when dropdown. This way you configure the automation to run every time an objective changes progress.
  4. Click on Create trigger

NOTE: The progress changed trigger is designed to capture changes in the objective attainment specifically. Use that trigger instead of modified. The modified trigger applies only to changes in the Objective properties like Title, Description, etc.

Define the condition

Fine-tune when to execute your automation actions by applying a condition based on the progress value:

  1. Click on Add a Condition
  2. Select Progress from the first dropdown
  3. Select the desired comparison operator from the next dropdown
  4. Specify a value to compare the objective progress against.
  5. Optionally, you can add another condition to define a range, for example, Progress greater than 90 and Progress lower than 95. Any time your Objective progress is in this range your automation will run.

Demo time

To demonstrate this functionality, let's set up an automation to notify us when our objectives progress is above 95%. Watch this demonstrative video to see it in action:

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