KPIs are a way of evaluating performance and are often used together with a management methodology such as OKRs.

In Gtmhub, KPIs provide real-time, always up-to-date information available for analysis and action by anyone (subject to permissions).

Here's how to create KPIs in your Gtmhub account:

  1. Navigate to Insights > KPIs
  2. Click on Create a KPI

How to create a KPI

There are two ways to create a KPI, manually and dynamically. Manual KPIs are manually updated whereas dynamic KPIs are automatically updated as the Insight calculates it.

ℹ️ You have the option to sync Insights every hour, every day, once per week, once per month or manually just like with dynamic Key Results. You can also manually trigger a sync on demand.


To add a manual KPI, provide the following information:

  • Enter a name... - the name of your KPI
  • Enter a description - provide additional information if needed
  • KPI owner - who will own the KPI
  • Summarize with - Last value, Sum, or Average
  • Unit - $, €, %, custom
  • Decimal size - the number of fractional digits or decimal places
  • Direction - ↑ More is better or ↓ Less is better

ℹ️ Depending on what you select for Direction, the color of each KPI cell will adjust relative to the previous entry. For example, if you choose ↑ More is better, as values increase, KPI cells will be green. If they decrease, KPI cells will be red.


Creating a dynamic KPI is very similar to defining dynamic Key Results.

  1. Create your Insight. If you do not know how to create an Insight, learn how to create one using SQL and HTML or create a Codeless Insight
  2. Hover over the value and click on Add this number as a target
  3. Click on Add as KPI
  4. Enter the same information as you would for a manual KPI
  5. Click on Create KPI
  6. Click Go to KPIs (to see your new dynamic KPI)

ℹ️ Even though dynamic KPIs are updated as the linked Insight is re-calculated, you can override values that are dynamically updated by updating them in-line.

What is displayed in each cell?

Each cell contains the KPI value, the delta, and the percentage change relative to the previous value.


A user needs Manage Data permission to create, edit and delete KPIs and KPI Groups.

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