Gtmhub Mobile App allows you to view OKRs, update your key results and tasks, and track the announcements made in the platform.

NOTE: While you can update key results and tasks, you cannot edit them using Gtmhub mobile app.


You must be using an Android and iOS device and you must have access to Google Play or App Store, respectively.


Perform the following:

  1. In Google Play or the App Store, search for Gtmhub, download, and install it.

  2. Open the app.
    The login screen appears.

  3. Enter your email and tap Continue.

  4. Enter your password and tap Log in.

    If your organization has enabled SSO for Gtmhub, you will not be asked for password and will be directly logged in.

    If you have forgotten your password, tap Don't remember your password? and request a new one. It will be directly sent to your email.


The Sessions screen appears. You can view your sessions and you can see a quick lint to your OKRs and your team’s OKRs.

The main navigation of the mobile app has the following sections:

  • Home
    List of sessions and quick links to your and your team’s OKRs

  • Tasks
    List of your tasks

  • Announcements
    List of all announcements.

  • Avatar
    The link for Logout

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