Once you download our mobile application and log in (learn how to do this here), you will see the following screen:

Quick Access

Similar to the Hub, in Quick Access you can see your and your team's OKRs.

My OKRs allows you to see the OKRs assigned to you in all active sessions. From here, you can:

  • proceed to update or just check the details of your Key Result
    (find more on how to do that in this article)
  • change the status of a task
  • leave a comment
    (here is an article that explains both)

The same functionalities are available for the team OKRs.

Browse by Session

You can see all sessions and browse through the OKRs in them within the Browse by session menu.

If for example, you would like to check how a particular team member is doing, you can filter the OKRs by assignee and type their name in the search box. Click on the name and you will be able to review their progress.

Announcements Board

At the three dots on top of the screen, you can find the Announcements board and the Logout button.

When you navigate to the announcements, you can see the most recent one on top and by scrolling down you can browse through some of the past milestones of your organization.

What is next?

  • Learn how to update your Key Results through the app in this article
  • See how to update tasks and leave comments here

Should you have any problems navigating through the app, do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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