System groups

By default there are two KPI groups:

  • My KPIs contain KPIs you own
  • Ungrouped contain uncategorized KPIs

Create a custom KPI Group

  • Click on + Create KPI Group
  • Give the KPI Group a name in-line
  • Hit Enter or click outside the area

ℹ️ You need at least one KPI to create custom KPI Groups.

ℹ️ By default the new KPI Group will appear under My KPIs. If you refresh the screen or go elsewhere in Gtmhub and come back to KPIs, your KPI Groups will be ordered alphabetically.

Add/Remove a KPI to/from a group

  • Click on the vertical ellipsis next to your KPI
  • Click on Group
  • Search for the KPI Group to which you wish to add/remove your KPI
  • Check the checkbox next to the KPI Group of your choice to add the KPI to that group or uncheck it to remove the KPI from the group
  • Click on Save grouping

ℹ️ KPIs can belong to several KPI groups. If you want a KPI to show up under My KPIs, make sure you are the KPI owner.

Edit a KPI Group name

  • Click on the KPI Group name
  • Edit the name in-line
  • Hit Enter or click outside the area

Expand/Collapse a KPI Group

  • Click on the arrow to the left of the KPI name to expand or collapse a KPI Group

ℹ️ When you expand or collapse a KPI Group, this is specific to your view. It does not affect anyone else's view. However, it is only persisted in your browser. If you switch browsers or clear your local storage, all KPI Groups will be expanded.

Delete a KPI Group

  • Click on the trash can icon 🗑 next to the KPI
  • Click on Delete to confirm

ℹ️ You only delete the KPI Group. Your KPIs will stay in your list and will be listed alphabetically under other KPI Groups (if the KPI belonged to multiple Groups) or Ungrouped.


Only users with Manage Data permissions can create, edit or delete KPIs and KPI Groups.

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