The Home screen is your starting point in Gtmhub. It is the place assigned tasks, your and your team's OKRs, update key results, and a summary of your total progress.

The screen is divided into four main sections to help you navigate quickly. You can collapse or expand them:

To-do section

This section contains a list of your tasks. In this sections you can do the following:

  • Update the status of upcoming and past tasks

  • Update Key Results

  • Approve OKRs

NOTE: In the To-do section, you see items that have been assigned to you or to a team you manage. To be precise, the condition is: Below you can find a more detailed explanation:

  • Tasks assigned to you that haven't been completed with an upcoming or past deadline

  • Key Results that have not been updated in the current session's cadence

  • AND today's date is at least Thursday (since weekly cadences end on Sunday night)

For team OKRs, these additional conditions apply:

  • AND the key result owner is a team

  • AND I (myself) am a manager of that team


This section contains a list of your active objectives and their key results. If you own a key result, but not the objective, you will see the key result only.

For each item, you can see:

  • The progress made in the past two weeks

  • When it was last updated

  • Update link.

My teams' OKRs

This section contains a list of your team's objectives and their key results. This includes teams that you belong to or teams that you manage.


In this section, you can track the progress of the active sessions, which you have access to. You can see at glance both the overall progress and the delta for the last two weeks.

The session progress charts have the following indicators:

  • Myself
    This displays the average progress of your key results.

  • Everyone
    This displays the progress of the entire session.

For each team that you belong to or manage, there is a separate row that shows the average of the key results for that team.

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