This example creates a dynamic key results, using an already created insight. Your objective is to drive new sales.

You use the result of an already existing insight - Total monthly sales. The dynamic key result will be automatically updated via the insight.


You must have created the Total monthly sales insight.
Fore more information, see Example: Create an insight with metrics.


Perform the following:

  1. Define a new objective, name it Drive new sales, and assign it to you.
    Follow procedure Create objectives.

  2. In the navigation pane, expand Insights and click Insightboards.

  3. Click the board where the insight is.

  4. Set the date range of the insightboard.
    To do this, click Date Range and set the Date Range filter to match your OKR session. By default, the Date Range is set to This quarter.

    NOTE: A dynamic key result that is in a session that starts in the future will not be automatically updated before the session starts.

  5. In the Monthly revenue insight, hover over the green dot and click + (Add this number as a target).

  6. Click Add as Key result.

  7. Click the session where the Drive new sales objective is located.

  8. Click the Drive new sales objective.
    The Create key result screen appears.
    The first input field is automatically populated with the name property that you entered in Example: Create an insight with metrics. The initial value is automatically populated with the total_won variable from the same example.

  9. In Target number, enter 70,000

  10. Click Create key result.


The key result is created in the objective.

Under the key result there is a label - dynamic key result. This means that you do not have to update the value of the key result.

The current value will be automatically updated by Gtmhub, using the new entries in the Google Sheet that you used to create the insight.
For more information, see Example: Connect a Google Sheet.

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