Gtmhub connects to over 170 business systems to automate your OKRs. The platform enables you to say goodbye to manual updates with dynamic Key Results. Dynamic Key Results connect to an Insight and are updated automatically from the Insight calculation.

In this example, we will create a dynamic Key Result using an already created Insight.


You must have created the Insight that tracks the data you need for your Key Result. For more information, see how to create codeless Insights from data sources and Apps or Insights with SQL.


  1. Define a new Objective. Follow procedure Create objectives.

  2. Create a Key Result and select to Track the progress automatically.

    All the available data sources and Apps you have installed, including your own Gtmhub account, will show as an option. Select where the data you need is tracked.

  3. Select the Insight you want to use for your Key Result and hit apply. For some Insights, you will need to choose the Date Range that matches your OKR Session.

  4. After saving your Key Result, it will now be automatically updated by the linked Insight and you will not need to manually update its progress.

NOTE: A dynamic Key Result that is in a Session that starts in the future will not be automatically updated before the session starts.

How to create a dynamic Key Result directly from an Insight.

You can also create dynamic Key Results directly from an Insight. Here is how:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand Insights and click Insightboards.

  2. Click the board where the Insight is.

  3. Set the date range of the Insightboard.
    To do this, click Date Range and set the Date Range filter to match your OKR Session. By default, the Date Range is set to This quarter.

    NOTE: A dynamic key result that is in a session that starts in the future will not be automatically updated before the session starts.

  4. Go to the Insight and hover over the green dot and click + Add this number as a target.

  5. Click Add as Key result.

  6. Search for the Objective where you want to add the Key Result and click the Select button

  7. The create a dynamic Key Result form will pull up. Insert all of the necessary information and click Add Key Result.

  8. You're done! Your Objective will now have a new Key Result that will be automatically updated as the Insight value changes.


Any dynamic Key Result will show a label as "dynamic key result" so show that you do not have to update the value manually.

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