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Overview of the Marketplace

Gtmhub Marketplace - Consulting lists all Gtmhub partners. Website visitors and Gtmhub users can access the list, apply filters such as Country, Gtmhub certified, etc., and contact a partner.

With Gtmhub Marketplace we give our partners access to leads interested in their services - Strategy Coaching; OKR Trainings; Agile Transformation, etc.

For that reason, it is very important that you as a partner give enough overview of your service offerings. The more information you add, the better visitors will know if you're a good fit for their company.

Examples of information you may add to your company description: Types of industries, sizes of businesses you work with; training programs that you offer.

Update your Marketplace profile step-by-step

Our partner portal and the Marketplace work with sync. By updating your organization profile in the portal, the overview becomes part of your Marketplace profile.


  1. Upload your logo/website/phone/address

  2. Update the description of your business - add as much information as possible about training courses, methodology, etc.

  3. Make sure you've marked all services that you offer

4. In Partner Profile add social media links and resources

5. Check the checkbox if you offer a free consulting offer and add an overview of it.

6. Get certified in Gtmhub partner portal to prove your Gtmhub expertise


Gtmhub visitors can filter and find your partner profile and contact you from Gtmhub Marketplace

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