This article provides information on how to install the Gtmhub app in Miro to draft and publish OKRs. The app is called Gtmhub in Miro's App Marketplace (not published yet - Beta)


The application has the following features:

  • Create a draft OKR in a Miro board

  • Add multiple owners of Objective or Key Results (Shared OKRs)

  • Add OKR details (description, tags, targets, etc.)

  • Publish an OKR draft in Gtmhub open session

  • Edit a published OKR from Miro; edits are applied to Gtmhub published OKR

  • Convert a note into an OKR


You must have a running Miro account (free or paid).


You must allow cookies in Chrome.

You must uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" in Safari (Preferences -> Privacy -> Prevent cross-site tracking)


Click here to install Beta


To configure Gtmhub app in a Miro board, perform the following:

In Miro:

  1. At the bottom of the navigation pane, click the Gtmhub icon.

  2. On the menu on the left side, enter your Gtmhub e-mail address to authenticate.

  3. You will be landed on a Gtmhub login screen. Enter your Gtmhub account password.

  4. Once you authenticate successfully close the tab and go back to a Miro board.


Create a draft OKR

  • In a Miro board click on the three dots from the left navigation to select an app

  • Select "Draft an OKR"

  • Enter the name of the Objective and one or more owners

  • Hit the Draft OKR button to appear as a draft on a board

  • Click on the draft and then on the Gtmhub icon

  • A modal opens where you can enter Session, Description, Tags or set as private. This can be filled in in the end when you're ready to Publish to Gtmhub.

  • From the modal, you can also add KRs and save the draft

  • When you're ready, click on the Gtmhub edit icon and hit Publish

  • Your OKR will be published in the session you've selected

  • If you edit a published OKR in Miro this will automatically edit the published OKR in Gtmhub

Convert a note to an OKR

  • Add a sticky note

  • Type a couple of lines adding each one on a new line (hitting Enter)

  • Click on the sticky and select the Gtmhub icon

  • The sticky is converted to an OKR - the first line is the Objective, the lines below it are Key Results

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