Zendesk is a Customer Service Software and Support Ticket System vendor. By integrating Zendesk you can measure the performance of your customer service and support efforts.

How to connect

Create Zendesk API token

  • In your Zendesk account navigate to Setup > Channels > API.
  • In the Settings tab make sure that Token Access is enabled.
  • Generate a new API token and copy it in your clipboard.

Connect with Zendesk

  • In Gtmhub navigate to Setup > Data Sources screen.
  • Click on the Add new Data Source button.
  • From the Choose a Data Source dialog, select Zendesk from the Operations tab.
  • Give a name of the connection.
  • In the Email field enter the email address with which you generated the API token.
  • Paste your Zendesk API token in the API Token field.
  • Enter your Zendesk subdomain in the Subdomain field.
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