How to connect

Navigate to the Insights dropdown > Data Sources and click the Add new data source button. Then in the data source selector window go to the Product category and select Jira from the list.

Then provide the following details:

  • Connection name - user friendly name of your Jira connection. You can have multiple connections to different Jira instances.
  • Username - this is the username with which you are going to connect to your Jira instance. The user should have sufficient privileges to read data from Jira such as Issues.
  • Password - the password to be used for login
  • URL - the URL of your Jira instance. For example if you are using the cloud version of Jira it will be

Once the connection is established you will be presented with a list of available data sources for syncing.

The next step is to start syncing your Jira data and build insights to analyse it. To find more about the Jira insights that are built in Gtmhub, check out this article: JIRA Insights.

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