Gtmhub enables quick and easy integration with MS Teams so you can share, view, and update your OKRs without switching out of MS Teams.

The Gtmhub MS Teams application enables users to:

  • Browse, edit and post OKRs in an MS Teams chat

  • Receive regular reminders to update about OKRs that they have not updated in the current cadence

  • Easily access the Gtmhub Home screen in an MS Teams tab to view and update OKRs

Installing the Gtmhub app

To add the Gtmhub extension to Microsoft Teams follow these steps:

  1. In MS Teams, click on the ellipsis (...) in the left side navigation and search for Gtmhub

2. Click on Add

As a result the Gtmhub app is now installed. A new private conversation with the Gtmhub bot should pop up on your screen.

3. Sign in to the Gtmhub bot

In the private chat with the Gtmhub bot, that pops up after successful installation, click on the Gtmhub message extension below the message text box. A dialog will open that asks you to sign in to your Gtmhub account

Follow the steps in the dialog to sign in to your Gtmhub account. Once you sign in successfully, the bot is granted permission to receive personal OKR update reminders from your Gtmhub account and message you in the private conversation.

Gtmhub message extension

The Gtmhub message extension icon gives you access to your OKRs dynamically and allows you to post and update them right from your message text box in MS Teams. In order to use it. It is installed automatically when you add the Gtmhub app to MS Teams. To use the message extension:

  1. Open a new or existing conversation in MS Teams

  2. Click on the Gtmhub message extension icon below the message text box

    1. If you haver not signed in to the message extension yet, or your token has expired, you'll be asked to sign in

  3. Search for the desired OKR and click on it

  4. The OKR you click on will be visualized as a card in your message text box and you can add some text to it and post it in the chat

Alternatively, you can just type @gtmhub in the message text box and follow the same flow.

Adding a Gtmhub Home tab to a Team or Chat

If you have already installed the Gtmhub extension globally, you can also add your Gtmhub account Home screen as a tab to a selected Team. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a desired Team or Chat in MS Teams and click on the "+" sign in the top navbar

  2. In the Add a tab dialog search for Gtmhub and click on the Gtmhub tab

  3. Click Add on the next screen

  4. On the dialog that opens select the Add Gtmhub tab to your team? radio button option. You can select to notify the channel about adding the tab by checking the Post to the channel about this tab checkbox. Finally, click on Save.

  5. Follow the next steps to log in to your Gtmhub account

    As a result you'll see your Gtmhub Home screen inside the newly added tab

Gtmhub bot

The Gtmhub bot, that greets you when installing the Gtmhub app globally, can send you personal reminders for updating your Gtmhub OKRs.

NOTE: The Gtmhub bot is granted permission to send you personal notification only when you sign in to your Gtmhub account. Follow step 3. from Installing the Gtmhub app above to make sure you've properly signed in.

The Gtmhub bot will send you personal reminders to update your OKRs based on your Gtmhub account Report settings. For more information about configuring the report timing and the conditions used to determine which OKRs to remind you about, see Configure OKR update reminders.

NOTE: Currently, you must enable both "Sent Aggregated OKRs report" and "Send OKRs update reminder" option in your account Report settings to send notifications in MS Teams.

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