Gtmhub enables you to automate important tasks thus become more efficient and save time. With automation you can have an action that modifies an item in your Gtmhub account, for exmaple tag content, or create a task. You can also define automation rules that send notifications to important stakeholders. This article demonstrates how you can configure automation rules that send a notification in Slack.

Use the Send Slack notification action

When you select the Send Slack notification action in your automation you must configure:
1. The notification contents
Type the notification text you'd like your automation to post to Slack when it executes. You can use the magic fields to add information about the objective this automation has executed on, for example its title, assignee, or URL.
2. The channel to post in
Using the channel dropdown select the lack channel where you'd like to post the notification
3. Click on Save

See it in action

To demonstrate this functionality, let's use the same scenario as we did to showcase automation conditions based on custom fields. To rephrase - "I want to have an automation in place, that notifies the Denver office when my team creates an aspirational objective, and it will be worked on by the part of the team that's physically there." To achieve that, we can simply:
1. Edit the automation we already got configured to send email
2. Delete the action that sends email
3. Addd an action: Send Slack notification
4. Configure the notification text and select the channel you want to post to

As a result, every time you create an objective that meets the defined criteria your automation will send the configured notification. Check the below video demonstrating this:

Enable Automation to post notifications in Slack

Sending a Slack notification is available as an action in your Automation rules. Before you can use it you must enable Gtmhub Automation to post notifications in Slack. Follow the steps described in the How to configure the Slack Integration paragraph of the Gtmhub Slack bot article to enable Gtmhub to post to your Slack workspace. This is a one time configuration that you must do the first time you use the Send Slack Notification action.

NOTE: If you are seeing an Add to Slack button on the screen, when you use the Send Slack notification action, then you have not connected your Gtmhub account to your Slack workspace.

You must connect Gtmhub to Slack before you can use the action. Follow these steps:
1. Click the Add to Slack button
2. If you are already logged in Slack on your browser, the next screen asks you to grant permissions to Gtmhub to access your Slack workspace. Review the information on the screen and click on Allow.
NOTE: If you have multiple Slack workspaces, before you procveed make sure the correct workspace is selected from the dropdown in the top right corner of the screen.

As a result Gtmhub's Slack bot is installed to your workspace and you will see a confirmation screen. You can now go back to your account and use the Send Slack notification action in any automation you define.
NOTE: If you are still seeing the Add to Slack button after performign the above steps, make sure the user you are currently logged in to Gtmhub exists in the specified Slack workspace. If it doesn't invite them to the workspace, as the user's email is used as a key in the integratgion and it needs to match in both places.

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