Team profiles display basic information like when the team was created in Gtmhub, what badges the team's been awarded, and user custom fields; help teams and managers get an overall pulse check and enable others to easily award badges to the team.

How to access a team profile

There are several ways to access a team profile.

  • Searching for a team via the search bar

  • Navigating to People > Teams and clicking on the team name

  • Clicking on the team name in a list

The team profile layout

There are 4 main sections in a team profile.


What's displayed?

Personal Best

The team's all-time biggest achievements


Progress by Team member: The overall OKR progress of each team member. Click on each person to see their Employee profile.

Progress over time: Objective progress over time


Statistics related to Key result updates, OKR design score, and OKR ownership


Statistics related to task ownership and completion

ℹ️ User permissions are respected in the team profile. For example, if the team owns private Objectives, data related to those Objectives will not appear.

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