Gtmhub supports two types of key results which can be added to your objectives:

Manual key results need to be updated manually by the objective owner, while dynamic key results are updated automatically from 3rd party business systems such as CRMs or databases.

Defining manual key results

To define a manual key result, start by opening an objective.

Then click on the Add a key result button. A form for defining a manual key result will appear.

There are two types of manual key results that can be defined: numeric and boolean (yes / no). For example, if you want to increase number of leads from 50 to 100, you would choose a numeric key result. On the other hand, if your key result is something like Launch new marketing campaign, you would choose a boolean marketing campaign.

Adding a numeric manual key result

Let us start by adding a manual key result Increase number of leads from 50 to 100.

  • In the Name field enter Increase number of leads from 50 to 100 - this is a description of what you are trying to do
  • From the Type of key result drop down, select Number - because our key result is numeric (making a value of 50 become 100)
  • In the Initial value field enter 50 - this is the current value, or the number of leads we have at the moment
  • From the Target drop down select At least - because we are aiming to increase the value. If you are trying to reduce a number, let's say headcount, from 80 to 60, you would choose At most from this drop down
  • In the Target field enter 100 - this is the value you will aim to achieve
  • Click on the Save button and your key result will be created

Adding a boolean key result

Next, let us add a boolean key result Launch new marketing campaign.

  • In the Name field enter Launch new marketing campaign.
  • From the Type of the key result drop down select Boolean
  • Under the Target make sure that the It should be... checkbox is checked - this means that the current value is false (campaign was not launched) and it should be true (campaign should be launched). If you want to change something that is currently true to false, then uncheck the checkbox
  • Click on the Save button and your key result will be created

Working with deadlines

Generally, key results have the same deadline as the planning session. However, you can modify those to be shorter by using soft and hard deadlines.

Key results reminders

Manual key results should be updated regularly. To make this simpler, Gtmhub can send you email to remind you update the progress on your key result.

To enable reminders, check the Should anyone be reminded to update this key result checkbox. There you can enter the email on which reminder should be sent (by default to the owner of the objective), as well as the schedule of reminders.

You can choose the interval:

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly

As well as the specific day of the week on which the reminder should be sent.

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